Motion sensor - motion detecting, hidden camera, video surveillance.

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Version 1.0 • Requires iOS 7.1 or newer

Created by:

Sipan Davoian

Inspired by 9GAG ;)
The app detects and records any motion that occurs on the scene.
Perfect for catching your pets on camera or using it for security reasons. Works great as a hidden video camera - it will alert you if there is some action.
When something is detected it alerts you with sound, light, via email, etc.


- Already set up. Easy to use with optimal default setting, just open it.

- Alerts via email.

- Sound, light, vibration alerts.

- Saves all detected events.

- Detected events can be immediately viewed on Dropbox.

- Variable sensitivity.

- Variable battery consumption.
- Sends email alerts if device was moved.

*It’s recommended to plug your device into the power source or using low power mode for longer use.


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