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Current Version: 1.0.22
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Contains language selection: American-English, British-English, Australian-English, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Polish.

Studying electrical engineering is tough, but learning by doing is the fastest way to cover the topic. Wouldnโ€™t it be great to have a handy mobile lab, 24/7 access to tutors and assessments? The โ€œEE LABโ€ gets your hands dirty through practice in simulated labs, while getting guided explanations and testing out your knowledge by doing quizzes. This great app is now available in multi-language version and you can select between English, Portuguese and Polish.

EE LAB - The Electrical Engineering Laboratory is an introduction to high-quality, mobile, adaptable, and cost-effective education and training in electrotechnology. The system consists of fully-narrated, multimedia e-learning modules adapted to your individual pace. Highly accessible mobile tutor and repetitive practice accelerate knowledge retention.

Note: The application requires an internet connection for streaming video from its extensive media library.

Inspired by the curriculum of the University of Sydney, Faculty of Engineering, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, the course consists of a series of electrical circuit experiments.
Starting from Ohmโ€™s Law, the course introduces, step-by-step, to:
โ€ข electrical circuit theory,
โ€ข measuring techniques and laboratory equipment,
โ€ข safe practices in and around electrical laboratories.

Real-life experiments may be safely practiced, without the risk of electrocution.

The list and the order of experiments have been thoroughly planned, and it is recommended that during the first repetition, should be conducted in the arranged order.

Each learning module consists of three major components:
โ€ข A fully narrated experimentโ€™s lesson. The lesson explains the theoretical aspects of the circuit, shows the layout from different points of view and takes you through a review of cable connections.
โ€ข The laboratory with a simulated circuit, allows exploring the experiment in-depth. During the simulation, each component of the electrical circuit may be replaced with an element of different characteristics or have their settings modified. Extra feature of the laboratory allows to collect data during an experiment and to display using a graph component.
โ€ข The assessment component called โ€œQuizโ€, asks a few questions related to the learning module. Many of these questions have been designed to use randomly generated numerical values to diversify input sets every time the same question is being encountered. Each question is followed by feedback demonstrating the correct answer.

This application is free of advertisements and consists of modules 1-12:
1. Ohm's Law
2. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
3. Kirchhoff's Current Law
4. Loop Method
5. Two Batteries
6. Three Batteries
7. Wheatstone Bridge
8. Low Resistance Measurement
9. High Resistance Measurement
10. Extending An Ammeter Range Using A Shunt Resistor
11. Power Measurement (1 Wattmeter)
12. Power Measurement (2 Wattmeters)


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Multi-language support;
Equipped with Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters;

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