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Version 3.1.0 • Requires iOS 9.2 or newer

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Farmer Tronic

HayApp is a user-interface for HayWay - an equipment for telescopic
handlers etc. HayApp runs on iPad's in Portrait Orientation.
The HayWay measures moisture, temperature and weight of
bales (straw and hay).
From the HayWay - moisture, temperature and weight data are send via
a BlueTooth link to an iPad. By sending them wirelessly no cables
are needed between the cabin and the equipment, which makes it easy
to install and maintain. All user interaction with the equipment is done by
means of the HapApp installed on the iPad.
So, the HayApp is a user-interface run on an iPad mini which enables
a driver of a telescopic handler to measure moisture, temperature and
weight of bales (straw and hay) from the cabin.
The readings can be averaged & summed, as they can be communicated
to a central administration for further processing, seamlessly via the
iCloud Drive interface offered with HayApp.
A true All in One solution


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