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Version 17.2.8 • Requires iOS 10.0 or newer

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i:FAO Group GmbH


Current Version: 17.2.8
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Anything that a traveler ever needed on a trip in one app: cytric Mobile enables you to organize your trips, stay up-to-date and focus on your business.

Built with modern technologies, it is a companion that provides you guidance whenever you need it on a trip.

Discover the powerful itinerary that provides you with just the right information and quick access to online check-in, mobile tickets and more while following your trip.

• Book a trip or cancel a reservation when plans change and you need to adjust your trip accordingly.
• Scan receipts right when receiving them and claim your expenses faster.
• Do you need to bridge time at the airport? Check your tasks and approve trip requests or expense statements while waiting for boarding.
• Sophisticated push notifications inform you whenever needed.
• Contextual maps, weather information and currency conversion are handy tools that assist you when you need them.  

Explore the convenience of using the right app for your business trip.

cytric Mobile is exclusively dedicated to cytric customers.


New in this version

We update the app regularly to make your business trip experience the best it can be. In addition, this version includes:

• User profile screen
• Other Trip requests improvements
• Itinerary refinements
• User experience improvements

Thanks for using cytric Mobile.

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