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Version 1.0 • Requires iOS 6.0 or newer

Created by:

Breakthrough Entertainment

The arcade features the following three games:

• Rhythm and Race: There is a racing course through Zerby Town -- one that has a series of sharp turns left and right, narrow paths to race through and holes to jump over. Can your Zerby complete it without missing a move?

• Airport Repair: Flynn the plane needs to land at the Zerby Town Airport today. Before he takes off can you help Sandy the bulldozer and Dotty the drone fix a large hole on the landing strip?

• Forest Run: Lily designs a driving course in Zerby forest that has a number of different obstacles– from rocks to trees to puddles. Can you help Zack recreate the entire course from memory?

When a round of gameplay is successfully completed a badge is awarded in each of the three games. Players will want to try to collect as many badges as possible!

Based on Zerby Derby, a fully live-action series that features toy-sized, remote-controlled cars that live and play in a life-size forest. Whether it's crossing streams, building dams or exploring a meadow, the Zerbies approach every problem with enthusiasm, and when things go wrong, they happily tackle each set-back with their mantra: "try, try again."


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