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Current Version: 1.13
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Rainbow Six Stat, is the application that allows you to view your statistics on Rainbow Six Siège.

-OPERATORS : find all the Operators and their technical sheet.

-MAPS : find all maps of the game, with the plans of each rooms.
Visualization of the locations of the bombs, the hostages and the securing for all the maps of the game.

-RANKING : vote for your favorite operator and your favorite map and then find the favorite general ranking of Rainbow Six players.

-STATS : find all your statistics, number of kills, number of games won or lost, hours of play, your level of play etc ...
Also find your statistics by operator.

- Also find your rank and stats by operation (Chimera, White Noise ...).

-SOCIAL: Search your friends in the app and add them to your friends list.
  GO PLAY function allows you to send a game notification to your friends so they can join you and play a game.
  The SOCIAL section allows you to compare your statistics with those of your friends to see your strengths and weaknesses.
  Add an Avatar to your user account.

-LEADERBOARD: Official ranking of Rainbow Six players.

-NEWS: Find all the news of the game and the application in live.

-TUBE: You can now watch a lot of game videos from the app.

The application is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian.


New in this version

-New Season Wind Bastion added.
-New Nomad and Kaid agents available.
-New Map Fortress added.
-Map Hereford added.

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