Pipe Lord

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Version 1.21 • Requires iOS 7.0 or newer

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Ancient Games DS

A hilarious, insanely hard, platformer that will succeed in making you happy and angry at the same time, all the time.

You are Herman, a lowly pipe peasant who must slide his way to becoming the MIGHTY PIPE LORD or LORD OF THE PIPES if you will.

To do this you must conquer over 40 awesome HAND CRAFTED LEVELS spread across THREE UNIQUE GAME WORLDS and collect THE GOLDEN PINEAPPLES. It all makes perfect sense!

- Simple responsive controls
- A game that’s actually funny!
- Beautiful artwork
- 3 Game worlds
- 3 Unique play styles.
- Fart jokes!
- Localised AUDIO!

Pipe Lord is brought to you by the handsome fellows behind 8-BIT WATERSLIDE, MAXIMUM CAR and FAST FOOD RAMPAGE!


New in this version

Japanese Text Crash Fix

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