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Current Version: 3.21
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Worry Watch app is built on the foundations of cognitive science where a mere awareness of one's cognitive bias alters subsequent thinking in a positive way.

Try these 5 steps when worrying next time:
Record > Reason > Reflect > Realize > Refute

1. Write down the worry and set a reminder to revisit the outcome later (Record)

When we write down the anxious thoughts, we free up the mind a bit giving some space to think rationally and to focus on the solution part or the bigger picture.

2. Identify the cognitive biases that triggered the anxiety. (Reason)

Often our judgements, decisions and responses are biased to match our own experiences, perceptions and interpretations. Analysing the cognitive biases may help us understand the irrationality in our thinking process and provide a perspective.

3. Once past the worry, note whether the outcome was as bad as worried (Reflect)

By tracking down our β€˜what if’ hypothetical scenarios to β€˜what did’ actually happen, we may get a grip on the reality that most of the time things turn out better than we anticipate/catastrophize.

4. Analyse the thought patterns with the help of statistics generated (Realize)

By evaluating our past responses to the anxiety triggers, we may get a deeper understanding of our negative thinking habits and attitude.

5. Challenge the worry perception when tend to be anxious again. (Refute)

Make the transformation to positive thinking with the help of self-notes, affirmations and quotes using daily and weekly reminders.

Other features of the app:
1. Widget to view the stats quickly
2. Face ID / Touch ID / passcode to protect the journal
3. iCloud backup / restore
4. Drill down statistics
5. Daily / Weekly Reminders with snooze
6. Advanced search filters
7. Data export as pdf, text or spreadsheet
8. Custom biases, contexts and scenarios
9. Bookmark entries
10. 15 beautiful themes
11. Light / dark mode
12. 72 classic fonts with dynamic type support
13. Preferred week starting day
14. Available in 16 languages
15. Works offline
16. No account signups required
17. No subscription required
18. Data resides in your device and in iCloud only
19. Family sharing enabled
20. Participates in Volume Purchase Program
21. Universal - iPhone / iPad

Reviews from mental health experts & journalists:

β€œThis is also helpful to share with your Cognitive Behavioral Therapist as this gives him/her the opportunity to review worries throughout the day that sometimes cannot be expressed on a weekly basis - Dr. Liz Matheis, Ph.D. , Anxiety.org”

β€œIf you find worry consuming your day and leading to anxiety, the Worry Watch app may help - Kate Bayless, LiveStrong.com”

β€œWorry Watch helps sufferers cope with their fears by literally proving things aren’t as bad as they seem - Mario McKellop, WebPsychology.com”

β€œ(Worry Watch app) has been lauded as a really logical approach to anxiety - Lyndsey Gilpin, TechRepublic.com”

β€œFor individuals with chronic worry, anticipatory anxiety, and GAD, this app gives a simple self-monitoring and documenting of worry - Lucielle Campanero, HealthAim.com”

Note: Worry Watch app is not intended to substitute or replace professional medical advice or treatment of your physician or therapist. If you have a medical condition or health concern you should always consult with a physician or other qualified health care professional.


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