Rev Heads Rally

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Version 1.15 • Requires iOS 7.0 or newer

Created by:

Spunge Games Pty Ltd

"Meet the Rev Heads! A group of thrill seeking, hard boiled, car crazy, adrenaline junkies determined to win the ‘Rev Heads Rally’ at all costs.

Each Rev Head brings their own style and charisma to the track as they go head-to-head in a battle for racing glory.

Join in the fun and compete in over 20 ‘Cup Series’ to collect additional Rev Heads and Vehicles.

Key Features:
- 3 Themes and 18 tracks
- 24 Cup Series
- Augmented Reality (AR) Race Mode
- 7 powered pickups + a speed boost
- Local Networked Multiplayer
- 30 Upgradeable Cars
- 18 Rev ‘Head’ Characters
- Customise your cars and characters
- A challenging Mission System
- Time Trial mode – perfect your form
- Replay mode – re-watch all the action
- Photo Sharing"


New in this version

"Significant Handling Improvements
Reward Ads now Earn 100 Coins
General Gameplay & Track Fixes
Bug Fixes"

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