Shared iPad Manager

Education • Updated 4 months ago

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Version 1.0.4 • Requires iOS 10.0 or newer

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Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust

Take control of Shared iPads in your organisation with Shared iPad Manager!

The Shared iPad Manager app is a kiosk style app which works in conjunction with the Shared iPad Manager server software allowing you to easily sign in and out baskets of Shared iPads booked by members of your organisation.

The app uses QR Code scanning to quickly identify members of your organisation and Shared iPad baskets without needing to perform any typing when using the app.

The app also integrates with JAMF Pro (previously called Capser Suite) which allows for class lists to be automatically pushed to the Shared iPads’ login screen – saving users from having to type their Managed Apple ID manually when login in to a device.

N.B Whilst the Shared iPad Manager app is free, it requires a licence to the Shared iPad Management server software to work.


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