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Version 1.6 • Requires iOS 10.10 or newer

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Current Version: 1.6
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CustomerManagement is a well-organized and easy to navigate app with extended functionality to manage your personal and business contacts, create custom contact fields.

Record important customer business categories, gender, avatar, first name, last name, company name, website, department, mobile, fax, address, email, notes...
Of course, you can also customize more user fields.

 - Track your relationship with customers, customers or any professional acquaintance, record interaction logs and to-dos with customers.
 - Customize customer categories, customer tags, and quickly match customers.
 - Customer data can be filtered by customer category, customer gender.
 - You can choose different customers, different date ranges (today, this week, this month, this year, all), view customer logs.
 - You can choose different customers, different date ranges (today, this week, this month, this year, all) to view customer to-do items.
 - Custom fields for each customer can be modified, custom key-values.
 - Store important contact data with customizable user fields.
 - CSV data for contacts, to-do, logs can be exported (all data & custom date ranges can be exported).
 - Sort the customer's last name and name according to your usage habits.
 - Quickly search for customer information, customer logs, customer to-dos, customer categories, customer tags.


New in this version

After the customer data is deleted, the associated to-do list and log notes will also be deleted.

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