Mars Power Industries

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Version 5.3 • Requires iOS 8.0 or newer

Created by:

Lukasz Zmudziak


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Current Version: 5.3
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    10 months ago
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"Mars Power Industries seduced us with its simplicity. A timeless puzzle game for everyone!"
- antyApps

"Laid atop the stunning sound design is a contemplative ambient score. Ominous, soothing, and starkly beautiful, it’ll make you feel like you’re actually in an outpost in space—doing your best to keep the lights on."
- App Store Game of The Day, October 22th 2018

"Unlike the actual Mars, Mars Power Industries is very gentle and inviting. "
- Pocket Gamer

GOAL: Power up houses on Mars! Chill out and explore what strange devices are up there on planet Mars!

HOW: Build towers to send power. All houses powered - you win!

Mars Power Industries is a calm & simple puzzle game. Made with love by a small team of close friends. No ads, no IAPs, no high-scores. Only a story without words and 4 hours of puzzles for everyone.
Find out what ancient secrets lay beneath the surface!

You might be surprised what you find!

- No ads, no high-scores, no pressure. Nothing. It’s only space.
- 80 handcrafted puzzles, various difficulty, you’ll never feel stuck!
- Strange science fiction story told without words! What’s the big Mars Mystery?
- iPhone X, XS, XS Max support
- 3D Touch support
- Haptic feedback!

Thank you for playing our game!


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