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Pijush Debbarma


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Current Version: 1.4
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A simple calculator for your iPhone or iPad.
PJ Calculator is an easy to use, simple that includes standard and scientific functions etc!

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PJ Calculator features:-

-Simply single hand operational calculator for both students and professionals.
-Basic calculator in portrait mode.
Memory buttons to help you out with complex calculations.
-Degrees and Radians calculations.
-Access Scientific calculator in portrait mode with a single click on bottom button.
-Access converter by swiping left on the bottom button, includes 15 categories ie Length, Area, Volume, Time, Speed, Density, Temperature, Mass, Mass Flow, High Pressure,Low Pressure, Kinematic Viscosity, Dynamic Viscosity, Gas Flow and Liquid Flow.
-Access History by swiping right on the bottom button. Every history is recorded with Date and Time. Every single record could be deleted by swiping or all records could be cleared.
-Access setting by double clicking the bottom button.
-Copy any answer or number from Scientific calculator to Basic calculator with a single click on “Copy & Paste” button.
-Sound mode.
-White and Dark theme supported.
-If any wrong operation is performed by pressing any button, that button vibrates itself indicating wrong operation.
-Calculator’s Operation Manual is included for convenience of user. It could be accessed by pressing bottom button for 2 seconds.

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New in this version

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
UI improvements.

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