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Chris Aldridge


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Current Version: 1.6
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MustWatch fills a gap for movie, tv and gaming fans. (Book lovers can also use it if they like ;) )

If you socialise with friends and talk about TV, movies, games and books a lot, you will find this app indispensable. It's focused on quickly making a note when someone gives you a recommendation. Simple, minimum interruption to whatever you were doing before. When you've got more time, you can jump back and grab the official titles, movie posters and release dates. (Once you've done this, clicking the item will take you straight to IMDB for lots more info)

You can easily swipe to mark things as 'Watched' and then edit them and add even more details, such as the date you watched it and your own personal rating.

You can review your 'Watched' list and sort it by title, date watched, rating or type.

MustWatch is not about discovering new things to via AI driven recommendations or wading through dozens of screens just to add an item you list when you'd rather be finishing your conversation or beer.


New in this version

Big Update!
- You can now edit your titles! (Changing the title will also remove the poster image if there is one)
- When you've watched an item you can record when and give it your own rating.
- You can sort your watched list, by title, date watched, rating or type (will add to the 'to watch' list at some point)
- Watched list now shows your ratings and the dates you watched them
- Added a new option when adding images. If you don't see the one you want at the bottom of the list is a 'Show more' option, to get another batch of suggestions. (The API i am using returns them in a bit of a random order unfortunately, so occasionally you have to flick through a few pages to find the one you want, especially for new/in production shows)

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