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Version 1.0.19 • Requires iOS 8.0 or newer

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Shenzhe Ereagle Technology CO.,LTD


Current Version: 1.0.19
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Connection procedure:
1.Turn ON the WIFI on iPhone and Camera;
2.Search camera SSID and connect,the password is 1234567890;
3.Afer established the WIFI connection,launch the app.

1.Preview stream,Live streaming from camera;
2.Trigger action,In the preview stream,you cam trigger camera to tke a video or pictur;
3.Support camera parameter setting;
4.Support the control camera to switch mode;
5.Format the camera SD card.
6.Listing photo &video files and download or delete files.
7.Automatic time correction with iPhone when established the connetion;


New in this version

1. Adding the function of modifying the phase secret code;
2. Increase the setting of enabling parameters of remote control;
3. Modify the setting mode of GPS positioning;

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