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xingfa zhou


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Current Version: 1.0.2
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The product concept stems from the concept of a red book with a black book. Good habits can be recorded on your own red books, bad habits to record a black account for yourself.

This is a high-value, easy-to-use habit tracking app. There is no routine, and some are the most simple and practical habit tracking. Whether you want to develop a good habit or want to overcome a bad habit, you can use it to achieve it. See the routines of various punching applications, try this habitual record application without routines.

The main function:
1. Add a good record
2. Add record bad habits
3. Set the frequency of custom expectations
4. Punch record in the specified cycle class
5. View each record of the habit
6. Each punch and record record of adding and deleting habits
7. The home page shows the number of times each habit has been used in the most recent cycle and the length of time it has persisted.
8. Habits can be archived (when no longer need to record a habit), will not be displayed in the list after archiving, can be recovered in the settings
9. Habits can also be completely deleted, and clear the customary event record

More features will be added in subsequent releases

Questions and suggestions can send to me directly to
[email protected]


New in this version

1.Add features:archive habit、delete habit
2.Item in list now support swip right or left
3.Improved UI/UE

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