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Current Version: 1.2.2
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—— Short disconnection, pure freedom!!!——
【Turn off network,Turn on focus】
【Funny beans】
【Easy operation】
【Minimalist Interface】

•-You can't turn on the network when you're focused-
—— Short disconnection, pure freedom!!!——
A short period of disconnected network, can help you to enjoy a more purely work and study, and it can also help you to develop efficient learning habits.

• Funny beans
Compare beans to time, each bottle represents the item you invested this time in, and visualize the amount of time you spend in different items through the number of beans inside the bottle.

• Easy operation
No learning cost, throwing and popping the beans into the jar to adjust the time, long press and drag the jar to the bottle to start the focus state.

• Minimalist Interface
Simple and clear interface, without any extra elements, the overall style of black lines on white, highlighting the most important elements, which will help you operate and concentrate.

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Fix some bugs and improve the stability of the software

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