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Version 1.0.2 • Requires iOS 10.9 or newer

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XiuXia Yang


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DeepStyle is a cool revolutionary photo editor that combines neural networks and AI to make your digital art awesome! It transforms your photos into impressive works of art using diversified filters & styles, including Picasso, anime, comic, cartoon, sketches etc as well as your OWN styles.

Unique Features:
***Diversified Filters & Styles:
Colored Pencil,
Oil Painting,
Chinese Painting,

***Without Programming Experience
This app is pretty simple. It is easy enough for anyone to use, and that to produce amazing arts.

***How it works?
Pick an effect you prefer, and then convert your images to the most popular artistic styles.

***Making Your Own Images
You will be addicted to the custom effects options. This lets you render any image and use it as a kind of seed to make any effect.

Be an artist! Turn your photos into awesome artworks.


New in this version

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