Touchmate X

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Version 1.0 • Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

Created by:

Raylogic Control Systems Private Limited

Raylogic Control Systems specialises in the indigenous design and manufacture of world-class control and automation equipment. We offer products that are targeted specifically for automation of homes, offices, hotels, home theatres, restaurants, nightclubs/lounges and the like.

Touchmate X application brings the world of control at your fingertips. Use the application to control your lights, curtains, AV equipment, AC, fans, security systems and more from your apple devices (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad). With the ability to customize the GUI, we can tailor the project to fit your specific requirements.

Please Note:

Touchmate X application requires a Raylogic automation processor running on Design Express software 2.0 and above. Installation and Programming has to be done by a certified Raylogic Dealer. To locate a dealer near you please email us your name, contact number and city you are located in, to [email protected] .
Requires iOS Version 8.0 and above

Key Features:
• Customisable GUI - Customize the user interface to add that personal touch.
• 2-way Communication - Supports 2 way feedback allowing the iOS devices to reflect the true state of equipment.
• Lighting and Curtain Control - Scene setting for mood lighting.
• HVAC – controls for your heating and cooling systems.
• Fan - Control the speed of the fan.
• AV Controls - Control your various AV devices on one interface.
• Security Systems – view security cameras, lock/unlock doors and monitor your security system .
• Extended functionality for projects with multiple controllers.


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