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Nikhil Anshuman


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Convert a video to look like a Comics, Pixelate an area of the video to protect privacy, Convert a daylight Video to Night mode, Convert a video to Black and White, Make a video look like a Camera Negative and apply more than 30 effects & filters to beautify the videos.

The settings of the application could be customised so that the effects are either applied to only a selected area of the video or to the entire area. Also, the application allows to apply an effect only for a selected duration of the video or to the entire video duration.

Features of the application:

** Protect privacy and hide certain area of the video by Pixelating : The application comes with 5 different pixelating profiles. All these profiles provide different patterns and visibility levels for pixelating a certain area in the video. In order to pixelate a video, just select a desired area and apply a desired pixelation.

** Comics Effect : Convert an entire video to look like a comics. In this effect all people and objects in the video are converted to look like Comics. This creates an amazing effect.

** Night Mode : When this profile is selected, the videos that are recorded in daylight mode appear as if they were recorded in Night. The video will appear bluish as shown in movies.

** Camera Negative : When this mode is selected , the people and objects in the video will look like Camera Negative.

** Filters to enhance videos : The application comes with various different filters that make your videos look beautiful and elegant.

** Filters to change exposure : The application supports various filters that will add amazing colour effects and beautification to make the videos look stunning. For example : The videos could be changed so that the people and objects in it appear greenish with dark tint. This effect makes people in the video look extraordinarily great and different.

** Old Style effects : The application comes with a combination of more than 5 different black and white effects which will make the video look like it was recorded in old times like in 80's or 90's.


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