The Blood Eclipse

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Version 1.38 • Requires iOS 8.0 or newer

Created by:

Brandon Smith


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Current Version: 1.38
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A killing that occurs under the Blood Eclipse is still a killing -- but a death is not a death at all. And tonight, the town that experienced a massacre under the Blood Eclipse centuries ago will not be letting its guests go without teaching them that lesson.

It's a zombies vs humans scenario. Up to 6 players can play at a time, with up to 4 human heroes, and 2 zombie players. Each player will choose the character they'd like to play as and join or create a match!
You start in an abandoned creepy house in the middle of a ghost town surrounded by forest. Once in, the humans will have a limited amount of time to search for weapons and items and try to complete the scenario objective.
The zombies just need to prevent that from happening, by doing the thing they do best, eating humans (don't worry you'll have AI zombies helping you too).

Although an internet connection is technically not required, as you can play just against AI zombies, the game is significantly more fun if you're playing with a few humans :)


New in this version

-added a new multiplayer mode - battle royale!
This is similar to other last man standing games, with the twist that dead players get to return as zombies to torment the living!
-new maps
-new zombies
-a new weapon - the minigun!

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