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Current Version: 2.0
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Welcome to the anti-stress world of house paint 3D coloring book. According to a recent study of color therapy, Paint lovers are much happier than the people who don’t enjoy coloring.

In our daily life, we try to improve our house by decorating it with different kinds of stuff. House is a part of our self-definition, So we try to make our house paint more colorful and attractive. Fasten your seat belts and get your fingers rolling as you are about to embark on an epic journey with this super fun House Paint 3D.

How to Play:
- Drive through the whole city and choose your favorite house designs to paint.
- After selecting a house, Tap on the upper color palette and select your favorite color to paint.
- Tap on the brush button to paint like a crayon or pencil button to paint like a spray color.
- To complete every level, paint all-white spaces Wall.
- Rotate the house in all directions and fill all the empty House Paint Wall.

- Unique houses are available for painting.
- Fluent and delightful paint action.
- Colorful and shining.
- Simple splat paint puzzle game.
- A perfectly relaxing way to become the master of your own mind.
- Ultimate distress and relaxing.
- Good for relaxing and creativity development.

House paint 3D is developed for all ages, helping users to paint the house to their personal preferences. Share with friends all of your house designing 3d skills and they will wish to obtain the same painted house.


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