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Current Version: 1.1
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Interactive game & book filled with minigames with hospital theme! Players can choose their own family and then see it represented in the book. Name the characters and watch them come to life.

This book is about you - or whomever you want it to be about - falling of a bicycle and having to go see a doctor. In the hospital you learn about the body, different numbers, cleaning wounds, doing xrays, playing pairs and lots and lots of more fun!

It shouldn't be scary to go to the doctor. Let your kids become familiar with the doctors visit in a playful way.

Book includes all of this (and more):
- Choose your own family - supports both single parent and two parents. Ethnicity and gender on adults and child is up to you.
- Listen to our storyteller telling a thrilling story about having an accident and going to the doctor.
- Learn about the hospital, the body and much more by playing super fun minigames designed for preschoolers.
- Have an adult read the story for you instead of listening to our storyteller - the story is then personalized with your choosen name and gender. Support for he, she and they!

Books are for all kids. We take representation seriously! If you like this one, please have a look at our other books in the StoryTime series, all with the ability to first choose a family, and then see it come to life in our interactive books.


New in this version

Language bug fixed, removed last set in memory game so it ends on a full plate, translated the credits scene, and some minor visual improvements

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