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Version 1.4 • Requires iOS 11.0 or newer

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Bo Kalvslund


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Current Version: 1.4
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Meditation Timer Plus can be used for meditation. Chose the length you would like to meditate and press play.

The sounds of the Tibetan Bowls divides the meditation into 8 sections and ends with 3 sounds of bells.

The sounds are made with tibetan singing bowls.
Listen to the beautiful singing bowls while you meditate or relax.

With this app mindfulness and meditation is near you all day, when you walk in the park or rest in the sun.

Use head- or earphones for best result.

Works on Apple Watch with Bluetooth earphones.

Length of Meditation on iOS:
∙5 minutes
∙10 minutes
∙15 minutes
∙25 minutes
∙30 minutes
∙50 minutes

Length of meditation on Apple Watch:
∙5 minutes
∙10 minutes


New in this version

Updated sound-player.

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