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Version 2.6 • Requires iOS 11.0 or newer

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Anatoly Nevelev


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Current Version: 2.6
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REKK – Call Recorder is a tool to record, save and convert you phone calls easily.

WARNING! To record calls with REKK, you need to enable three-way calling. Please contact your mobile carrier and ask them to enable this feature for you. Note that some carriers don’t provide three-way calling to their clients.

- Record incoming and outgoing calls
- Convert your recordings to text
- Choose the type of call recording that suits you most
- Make notes under the recordings
- Create backup copies of the files
- Share the recordings via third-party apps (Message, Viber, Whatsapp, VK)
- Upload the recordings to Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud storages
- Find the necessary information quickly with the help of a smart search feature
- Create the link to share the file

We’re happy to let you know that the new update offers a new feature. Now it’s much easier to record phone calls! Just invite a friend to REKK and record your conversation without merging calls. This feature is absolutely free!


1. How does REKK work?
REKK records phone calls by using the 3-way conference calling feature provided by your mobile carrier. The app silently listens to the call and records what is said by both persons until you end the call.

2. How many recordings can I make?
You can make an unlimited number of recordings.

3. How long can a recording be?
As long as necessary! The duration of the recordings is unlimited.

4. Why is the “Merge Calls” button not working for me?
REKK records by creating a conference call between you, the person you want to record, and our service number, which records the call. To be able to create this conference call, your mobile carrier MUST support 3-way conference calling. Without this, the "merge calls" button will not work and REKK will not be able to record. Simply give your mobile carrier a call and ask them to enable 3-Way Conference Calling on your line. Once enabled, the "merge calls" button will begin working as intended.

5. Can I share my recordings via social networks?
Yes, you can. Go to "Recordings", select the recording and tap the "share" icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can share recordings via SMS, Viber, WhatsAPP or copy them to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive.

6. How can I contact you?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our technical support - - [email protected]

7. How much does REKK cost?
Call recording is absolutely free provided that both the other party and you are using REKK while talking to each other. You need to purchase the subscription if you want to record and playback phone calls to mobile and landline phone numbers.

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New in this version

- Now you can remove several recordings with one tap
- Small fixes

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