Blood Card

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Version 1.0.8 • Requires iOS 10.0 or newer

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Pixel Cattle Games


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Current Version: 1.0.8
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Blood Card combines elements of roguelike and deckbuilding. During the game, you shall strive ahead, gathering cards to build a unique deck and use it to defeat the enemies getting in your way. You will have to choose between escaping or try to defeat Death, who is relentlessly pursuing you.

Game features:

● Unique playing rules
In this game, your life value is equal to the number of cards in your draw pile. When you get hurt for one damage, you have to discard one card. If you have no cards left, the game is over.

● Three distinct zones
The final boss keeps chasing after you, and you can try to beat it at any time you want. Maybe you can get help from your monstrous enemies.

● Flexible progression
The game sets up different encounters and events: monsters, Elites, stores, etc. You get to decide when you want to encounter them - if at all.

● Infinite possibilities
There is no class restricting which card is available and which is not. Once unlocked, a card can appear at any time. A variety of magic combos and unknown dark arts is waiting for you to be discovered and exploited!

● More than 230 cards are available, with over 40 events. 10 bosses and 60 different kind of monsters allows for more than one hundred random battles.

● A formidable and interesting monster challenge mode, custom mode and daily challenge mode.

● Randomly generated card rewards and monster encounters.

You may have seen the art assets used by Blood Card in other games, because we encountered difficulties in making Blood Card. We sold our background and monster art on Unity Asset Store, and purchased some card art and background music on Unity Asset Store.


New in this version

Minor bug fixes.

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