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Kleverb is a high quality algorithmic reverb effect. An intuitive UI combined with a carefully calibrated network of filters and delays makes this a powerful effect useful in any context; all from acoustic jazz to EDM.

With three different room size setups (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE), selectable filter on both early and late reflections, modulation, damping, diffusion and much more (see below) almost any kind of room can be simulated.

There’s also a ducker included that uses the dry signal as sidechain. Very useful to keep vocals or other solo instruments distinct even when they’re soaking wet.

The 64 factory presets covers most of the Kleverb features.


β€’ Room size selection.
β€’ Filters with selectable type on both early and late reflections.
β€’ Wet signal modulation.
β€’ Damping filter.
β€’ Diffusion and Stereo Spread parameters.
β€’ Decay time between 0 and 25 seconds.
β€’ Pre delay parameter.
β€’ Ducker (compressor), with dry signal as sidechain.
β€’ Early / Late signal mix parameter.
β€’ Wet and Dry signal level parameters.

Full documentation available inside the app or at https://klevgrand.se/download/kleverb-docs/

NOTE! Kleverb is an AUv3 plugin that only works in an AUv3 compliant host like Garageband, AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker 3, Auria etc.

Feedback or suggestions? Drop us a line at support(at)klevgrand.se or @klevgrand on Twitter


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