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Current Version: 1.2
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Hark! Your fur-baby has heard one of their favourite squeaky-toy sounds coming from your phone and now you’ve captured their attention! With your camera in pawsition (see what we did there) and your pooch looking curiously at the lense you can capture this moment to create an everlasting memory.

The app includes:
- A drop down menu of sounds such a rubber chicken, wolf whistle, ducky toy, squeaker sound or 'here boy' to capture your dog's attention
- Easy-to-use photo button to capture the moment
- Option to have the flash on, off or automatic
- An image thumbnail to view the last photo
- Automatically saved images to your camera roll

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected]

Preview screens designed by Good Mockups with real images taken with HarkCam App.


New in this version

We've updated the camera responsiveness and the preview screens so you can see the app in action with our favourite ambassadors.

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