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Version 1.0.2 • Requires iOS 11.0 or newer

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Current Version: 1.0.2
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MangledVerb is a unique effect combining a rich reverb with devastating distortion. It’s capable of creating everything from granular ambience and moody auras to sound-sculpting mangled chaos. Transform your instruments and vocals with this classic Eventide effect.

- Create out-of-this world-soundscapes by turning up Size and Overdrive.
- Smoothly morph from soft-clipping to hard-ripping overdrive.
- Use the Wobble control to create spookiness.
- Use The Ribbon control to easily manipulate multiple parameters in a live situation.
- Program the Hotswitch to instantly change multiple parameters at once.
- Flexible I/O: Mono-In/Mono-Out, Mono-In/Stereo-Out or Stereo-In/Stereo-Out.
- Optimized for live use with MIDI control of The Ribbon and Tap Tempo for quick meta-control on the fly.
- Use Mixlock to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant.
- Available as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and Standalone App.


New in this version

Fixed an issue where clip meters did not always illuminate when clipping had occurred.

Improved preset flyout behavior in the AUv3 plugin. It now remains open when resizing the plugin window.

Added a MIDI-specific version of the AUv3, in addition to the non-MIDI compatibility version.

Added a MIDI mute function to the MIDI-enabled AUv3.

Improved scrolling for the user guide on iOS 12.

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