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Version 1.0 • Requires iOS 8.0 or newer

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Demetrios Mihaltses


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Ever wanted to know how it feels to manage your own championship hockey team?

Instead of shelling out $60+ for the newest NHL game or $20 for some of the stuff online, you can own a team of your choice from a selection of 30 custom teams and have a much better experience. Your end goal to create the best team possible and win the cup! However, being a General Manager comes with many challenges and I've done my best to integrate said challenges into this game for you, as the user, to encounter. Being a GM also comes with a lot of power over the team, so be assured that you, the user, will also get to experience said powers so that you can create the best possible team in your eyes.

Feel free to join the community and dish me some feedback on how I can make this game even more enjoyable in future updates!

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