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Version 1.06 • Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

Created by:

Shelly Alon


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Are they caterpillars? Are they worms? They’re SNIKS! Multicoloured little snakes, indulging in fruits. Some of them are into strawberries, others into pears and all the other good stuff. There’s only one problem: They keep getting in one another‘s way while eating. Your task: Untie the Gordian Knot of SNIKS and help them eat all the fruits.

SNIKS is something for your brain, making you puzzle your way through 110 handcrafted levels. SNIKS is also a feast for the eyes: Tasty fruits, hand-drawn environments and colorful sniks form a beautiful fruit salad.

Start puzzling now!

° iCloud-saving
° A game by Shelly Alon
° Music by Tom Schley (Silkersoft)


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